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- So ... Can I join you? - again said Yoruichi.
- Oh! Yoruichi-san! - do not expect to see black women, said Rukia.
She abruptly suspended from Matsumoto and quickly threw on her shihakusho.
- It's not what you think Yoruichi-san!
- Come on Rukia! ... There is no need to think! Everything is perfectly clear!
Licking her lips and making a playful smile, Yoruichi looked at busty, bald girl, lying on the floor, close to where were scattered piles of her golden-red hair.
- How do I look? - said Matsumoto.
She rose from the floor and held both hands over her is now bald, smooth head.
- Damn ... It looks like I underestimated you! You really do look very sexy! Your massive breast looks very good with a bare head!
Unable to stand, Yoruichi walked over to Rangiku and stroked bald head of a woman.
(Which soft skin ... She has the perfect shape of the head!) - Yoruichi thought.
At this moment, dark-skinned beauty asked herself.
(How would I look without my purple hair? Does my head so the right shape?)
- Hey! Cat! Wake up! What are you thinking about? - making an insidious smile shouted Matsumoto.
- What! Oh! I…  Good! I admit that you are very sexy! - recollecting herself, said Yoruichi.
- Well! So I won this dispute! And you fulfill any whim of mine!
- What more! I said you were sexy, but that does not mean that you're sexier me! Before the goddess of speed, in terms of beauty and grace you far! Hair - is the beauty and pride of every woman! And you just lost that pride! - swipe your finger across her high, thick ponytail, grinning, said Yoruichi.
- Oh, you're a fucking cat! Well, hold on! Now I'll make you answer for these words!
- Catch, if you can!
Rukia just sighed and looked at the two yelling at each other shinigami.
(Damn! They smashed all my barbershop!) - she thought.
Yoruichi already prepared to make it the fastest Shunpo, suddenly felt the weight on the crown of her head. Looking back, she saw the smiling slyly Rangiku who grabbed at the base of her ponytail!
- Here you are caught! Goddess of speed! Now accept that I won in this dispute!
Yoruichi could not do anything. She couldn't believe that so easily caught. And if it was a real battle, everything could end very badly.
- What do you allow yourself! - heard a familiar voice.
Like lightning, front of Matsumoto, a girl appeared and knocked purple tail of her hands.
- Don't you dare touch the precious hair Yoruichi-sama!
It was Soi Fon, captain of the second squad, the girl with the blue-black hair in a bob, back with two long plaits, the ends of which hung two gold rings.
- Do not interfere Soi Fon! She lost me the dispute and must now carry punishment! - Rangiku yelled with a smile.
- How dare you! - captain of the second squad was angry.
- Enough Soi Fon! I really lost ... Speak your desire Matsumoto! - still in shock, said Yoruichi.
- To begin, I want you sat there! Oh yes! And take off all your clothes! - said the former owner of the thick, golden-red hair, pointing to the black leather barber chair.
- I will not let!
- Soi Fon! I said enough!
- I'm sorry, Yoruichi-sama ...
Soi Fon humbly sat on the floor and watched as her mistress, takes off her black sexy costume.
Yoruichi was beautiful. Slender smooth legs, big breasts and a huge elastic ass, like a peach. Her purple pubic hair was cut short as a small inverted triangle. She gracefully approached the barber's chair and sat down quietly.
- Hey, Rukia-chan! Can I use your shearing machine? - happily said Matsumoto.
- Uh.. Okay! Only carefully! I do not want you to have arranged a mess! - said Rukia and sat down next to Soi Fon.
(Oh, she really wants to shave head this dark-skinned beauty? I'm starting to get hot…) - thought Rukia, covering blush.
Rangiku picked up a white cape and wrapped it around Yoruichi's neck.
- Are you going to shave me bald? - irritably asked dark-skinned woman.
- Oh! Do not worry! I'm not so insidious! I just want to see how you look with different styles! - replied with a smile bald shinigami.
- So! First we get rid of this nasty ponytail!
Matsumoto picked up the a large black shearing machine that was lying next to her shaved red-gold curls. She turned on her and brought to the base of the Yoruichi's ponytail. Device loudly roared and vibrated in her hand.
- Uhuhu! Are you ready goddess of speed? - asked Matsumoto, patting her hand on the Yoruichi's head.
Hearing no response, Rangiku sent vibrating clipper blade in a tight ponytail. Blades are easy to cut the hair and gradually thick, purple ponytail completely separated from the head.
- Yoruichi-sama! - sadly shouted Soi Fon, watching Matsumoto lifted clipped ponytail, above the head of her mistress.
- What a long and heavy! It took him a long time to grow up! But now he doesn't need us more! It is so? - mocking said bald woman.
Yoruichi still sat silently and calmly looked in the mirror. Her hair is now roughly cut just above the shoulders.
- Well, let's continue! - said Rangiku and threw clipped ponytail near Soi Fon.
Girl with blue-black hair immediately picked it up and began stroking sad.
(Wow! Yoruichi-san seems really means a lot to her ...) - thought Rukia.
Meanwhile Matsumoto postponed shearing machine and took scissors. She carefully began to cut hair on the right side on the diagonal, leaving long hair in front and close to the back of the head, shortening them. Purple short hair began to fall on a white cape. Doing so with both sides, Rangiku looked at her work. Yoruichi's hair has now been cut in a long bob.
- Ah! You are so lovely! You really suited this hairstyle! But unfortunately, we can not leave her! - said, smiling Matsumoto.
Seeing herself with a new hairstyle Yoruichi blushed a little. She liked this haircut, and she wanted to leave her. She was going to beg Rangiku to stop as cropped hair on the left side fell at the cape. Now, a long bob was flawed, and the hair on the left were just above the lobe of her ear.
- Oh, God ! - Yoruichi exclaimed, biting her lip.
She felt her pussy starts to get wet. Matsumoto put scissors on the right side and, just as the left, cut the hair just above the ear lobe. Purple locks rolled down by the cape, on Yoruichi's knees. Then Rangiku cut hair at the nape. Now a new hairstyle Yoruichi was short bob.
- It seems you look great with any hairstyle! Let's see how you look with straight bangs!
- Oooh…
Rangiku took a comb and combed all Yoruichi's hair in the front. Then she put the scissors on the forehead, just above the eyebrows black beauty and closed blade. Short purple hair again fell on the cape. Now Yoruichi's hair was like a hair Soi Fon, only lacked two braids behind.
- Aaah! Stop! - shouted Yoruichi.
Her pussy was so wet that Yoruichi could not hold back any longer. With her right hand, she began to massage her clitoris. Writhing in pleasure in the barber's chair, she moaned loudly.
- Ooooh! Matsumoto! I want you!
Rangiku smiled. She leaned toward dark-skinned women and passionately kissed her on the lips. Their tongues tenderly entwined, enveloping each other. Yoruichi drove with both hands on all head Matsumoto, trying to enjoy her smooth bare skin.
- Ugh! Yoruichi-sama! This hairstyle ...... ..! - aroused from it all, shouted Soi Fon.
She could no longer tolerate. Sharp movements, Soi Fong pulled off her haori and threw him to the floor, revealing her beautiful elastic breast and beautiful ass. Her pubis was smooth and clean, without a single hair. She went to the barber's chair and stood up on her knees, bowed her head to the crotch of her dark-skinned mistress. Broke the kiss, Matsumoto unbuttoned cape and threw it away, shaking off everything purple cropped hair on the floor. She massaged with lust, Yoruichi's big breasts. Rukia also could not stay away. She threw her shihakusho, came back to Rangiku, sat down and began to lick her anus, extending her arms big ass. Feeling rough tongue Rukia, Matsumoto released a sweet moan. She tilted her huge massive tits to face Yoruichi and continued to massage her breasts. Yoruichi start gently pull the nipples busty shinigami, her tongue, sometimes biting them. At the same time Soi Fon, legs spread dark-skinned goddess, greedily licked her wet pussy.
- Soi Fon! Oooh! Shave my pussy! I want to be like you! Want me to have had the same naked pussy like yours! - yelled, rolling her eyes from pleasure Yoruichi.
Blushing, Soi Fon could not believe what was happening. She could not disobey the orders of her mistress. Soi Fon picked up a shearing machine and turn it on. Bzzzzz.... There was a loud roar. She put the device on Yoruichi's pubis and made a direct passage. The vibrating blades are easily removed the purple triangle, leaving bare skin. Soi Fon shook off tiny shaved hair and ran her fingers through the gentle, velvety pubis dark-skinned woman. She continued to lick crotch her goddess, fingering her right hand, her own pussy.
- Oooh!! Yesss! PPPlease don't stop!! Matsumoto!! I want something more extreme!! - Yoruichi shouted, ebrious from excitation.
Biting her lip to keep from moaning, Rangiku took the clipper from the hands of Soi Fon and turned blade forward. She put her left hand on crown of Yoruichi and slightly tilted her head to the right. Busty shinigami put vibrating blade from the left side and began take off all of the hair to the level of the eyebrows. Purple clumps of hair slided on the naked body, tickling, Yoruichi's nipples and landed on the floor.
- Aaahh! These vibrating blades ... This sound is driving me crazy! - Yoruichi shouted. Her body shook with pleasure.
Now her left ear was completely open. Next Matsumoto tilted her head forward removing all the hair from the back at the same level. Yoruichi just looked down, resting her chin on her elastic breasts, watching Soi Fon licks her shaved pussy. Having finished shaving the hair on the nape, Rangiku rough tilted dark-skinned beauty head to the left. Yoruichi felt sexy busty shinigami dominate her. She couldn't resist. Rangiku is now removed all purple hair on the right side as well to the level of the eyebrows. Yoruichi looked in the mirror. Her ears were now fully open on both sides, and the hair was in the form of a bowl. She put her hands on her nape and stroked shaved velvety skin.
- Oh yes! Bowlcut perfectly fits you Yoruichi! You are very sexy! - Rangiku could not hold back her emotions.
- But, I look like a monk! Soi Fon, what do you think? - Yoruichi displeasure looked at her reflection.
Soi Fon stopped to caress dark-skinned women pussy, raised her head, and looked at her mistress.
- Ah! Yoruichi-sama! I think you look very bold and sexy! However, I would prefer you to have another hairstyle!
- Another? And what do you want? - with a teasing smile asked Yoruichi.
- Ugh! Rangiku-san! Shave off all her hair! Leave only a short mohawk in the middle!
- Oh God!
Yoruichi did not expect this from her lover. She looked in the mirror and smile, ran her hand through her thick hair from the forehead to the crown.
- Ooh! Honey! Well, if you ask! Okay! Matsumoto do it!
Rangiku did not have to ask twice. She put a guard on the blade shearing machine, roughly tilted Yoruichi's head her left hand forward and sent clipper exactly in the middle of the head dark-skinned woman. The strip width of 4 centimeters shares the bowlcut in twain. At the height of the hair in the middle now stands at only 1 centimeter. Seeing bristly road in the middle of her thick, lush purple hair, Yoruichi has released a sweet moan. She again launched her hand on her head, stroking her fingers short hairs at the point where you just passed clippers.
- Damn ... I never thought that it's so sexy ... - moaned dark-skinned shinigami.
Meanwhile, Matsumoto took off guard and sent a naked blades from the crown to the forehead of her victim on the right side. Purple thick hair easily separated and fell on Yoruichi's bald pussy, leaving only the bare dark skin. Rangiku repeated the same with the left side leaving intact only a short hair in the middle. Another bunch of purple locks toppled down, making it difficult to Soi Fon licking pussy of her mistress. Bald shinigami made a few passes on the side of the head Yoruichi and making sure that there was only a bare, soft dark skin, turned off the shearing machine.
- Done! - shouted joyfully excited Matsumoto.
- Aaahhnn! Yeah! I'm cumming! - seeing her reflection in the mirror, Yoruichi moaned and cum, splashing juice all over Soi Fon's face.
- Yoruichi-sama! You are so delicious! - licking all the juices from her face exclaimed Soi Fon.
Yoruichi got up from barber's chair, shook off all adhering purple hair and smiled, admiring her new hairstyle.
- Well, how do I look Soi Fon? Your mistress become what you want?
Yoruichi got up in a sexual pose and held both hands all over her head from the forehead to the nape.
She liked the feeling of bare skin. Even more she liked the feeling of fluffy short line in the middle of her head. Mohawk gave her wildness, boldness and sexuality. Then she turned her back to her lover, shaking her huge elastic ass and stroked her hands her smoothly shaven nape.
- Yoruichi-sama! You are beautiful! You are very fits this short mohawk!
Soi Fon's face was completely red. Her pussy gets wet so much, that under her on the floor was a small puddle.
- Yes, my dear, I see what you like! Now, let me caress your beautiful pussy! - playfully said a dark-skinned beauty.
Soi Fon quickly has taken the place in the leather chair. Yoruichi took off the shelf wireless clipper and turned it.
- Oh! What are you doing Yoruichi-sama?
- Do not worry about that…
She shoved a vibrating object back side, right in the wet pussy Soi Fon. She pushed him deeper and deeper. Soi Fon could only squeak with pleasure.
At the same time Matsumoto, leaning her huge boobs on the back of barber chair, could no longer hold back. Putting both hands on her bald, smooth head, rolled her eyes and tongue hanging out as if she is going crazy, Rangiku, moaning, cumming! Juices jet gushed on Rukia's flushed face. She almost choked, but continued to gulp.
- Ummm! So much! - all of Rukia's face and hair were completely filled juices Rangiku.
- Sorry sweetie! You're so good to lick my pussy and ass that I just could not restrain myself!
Matsumoto smiled and kissed Rukia, thanking her for the work done.
- Hmm! Ru-chan! Look! It looks like you have a client!
Rangiku pointed to the moaning in the chair Soi Fon. Rukia wiped her face and smiled lasciviously. She picked up the shearing machine and went back to the unsuspecting girl.
- So! What kind of hairstyle you want Soi Fon-san? Maybe a short mohawk like Yoruichi-san? - Rukia grinned.
- Huh? What? Hairstyle? Uh ... Wwait!! - Soi Fon just now realized that she is in a barber chair.
- I ... I ...
- Remove it all! Give her a clean, smooth shave! - Yoruichi's voice was heard.
From what she heard, as if struck Soi Fong shock.
- But... But!! Yoruichi-sama!!!!
- It is not discussed! I'm sorry honey, but I can not let you have the hair is longer than mine, your mistress!
- Ohh!! Nooo!!!
- Shh ... It's okay, my dear!
Yoruichi put her finger to Soi Fon's lips, and then kissed her passionately.
- Yoruuu..ichiii..ssammaa... - sticking her tongue girl moaned.
- Well Soi-chan! Where do I start? Right in the middle or back of the head? - Rukia asked.
- Oooh! Llleft...! - Soi Fon excitement could not speak.
Without thinking, Rukia put the vibrating machine to the left temple girl, and sent it up, leaving bare skin. Bluish-black hair fell on Soi Fon's left shoulder. The captain of the second squad could only moan, watching as a huge clippers cleans her head. Then Rukia put the clipper on the left side of the forehead and pushed the device back to the nape, easily removing all the hair on her way. Around the chair formed a huge pile of hair. At the bottom lay Matsumoto's thick golden-red locks. They do not emit its former luster and seemed lifeless. Above them lay layers, Yoruichi's shaved purple hair. Some of them hung in clumps on the armrests.
Once the shearing machine came to one of the rear braids Soi Fon, it roared loudly. For a moment she felt a sharp pain. But as soon as the device coped with braided hair, the pain was gone. Cut off the braid with a gold ring on the end, with cotton fell to the floor. Rukia again and again moved the clippers from forehead to the nape on the left side of the head Soi Fon, shaving off the hair of the girl. Soi Fon looked in the mirror. On the right side, her short bob with straight bangs just all adorned her head, while the left side has a smooth, bare skin.
- Aaah! Yoruichi-sama! What do you like? Fluffy, soft shiny hair with a right side or a gentle, velvety skin on the left side? - girl asked, patting her hand a part of her shaved head.
Dark-skinned shinigami passionately licked her lips.
- You know my answer dear!
- Yes, my mistress!
- Rukia-chan! Remove any remaining hair from my head! And then make it smooth as far as possible!
(This is for you Yoruichi-sama!)
- Ugh! Matsumoto-san! Please will substitute me! I was so excited and very much want to try pussy Soi Fon-chan!
Rukia climbed on Soi Fon's knees, so that her elastic ass turned out, opposite face, half shaved girl (69 Pose). Together with Yoruichi, they in turn began to gently caress her vagina. Soi Fon put her hands on Rukia's ass  and eagerly began to lick her pussy.
Rangiku put clipper right of the girl's nape and sent up a vibrating the device. The second braid Soi Fon fell to the floor, and the machine was up, shaving off all the hair on the way. The remains of a beautiful bangs fell on her elastic breasts, baring her forehead. Not paying attention Soi Fon continued to eat Rukia's wet pussy. Rangiku removed all the remaining blue-black hair girl. Then she made a few passes over the head Soi Fong, and making sure not to miss a single hair, turned off the clipper. Three girls could no longer hold back. They cumming at the same time, covering each other of their juices.
- Ugh! That was great! Now I will finish all else! - puffed, said Rukia.
Yoruichi and Matsumoto sat in front of barber chair, in which sat Soi Fon and just watched. Rukia took from the cupboard straight razor, shaving cream, towel and shaving brush. She soaked a towel in hot water and put it on Soi fon's head.
- Ouch, hot! - Soi Fon muttered irritably.
- Patience Soi-chan, you will be nice!
A few minutes later, Rukia took off the towel, with girl's head and took shaving cream.
- This special cream, which for some time stops hair growth and makes the skin very smooth and soft - she explained.
Rukia squeezed big amount of the cream to the crown Soi Fon. Then she took a shaving brush and began to spread the cream all over the girl's head,on forehead, behind the ears, on the sides and at the nape. She even covered part of her neck.
- Oh! I feel a pleasant tingling and coolness! - Soi Fon enjoying said.
- It's good! Thus the cream works! - said Rukia.
- Aww! My honey you look so cute! Your head is similar to ice cream with whipped cream! I want licked you all!! - again excited, shouted Yoruichi.
- Yoruichi-sama!!!!
Soi Fon was covered with a blush.
Rukia took a straight razor, soak it in water and put it on girl's forehead. Soi Fon closed her eyes and prepared. Rukia pushed straight razor and made the first passage from the forehead to the base of the neck Soi Fon. Straight razor glide easily over the entire head beauty, scraping big amount of white cream, leaving a pinkish bare skin. Rinsed razor Rukia made a few passes in the middle. Then she just as easily shaved the right and left sides of the girl's head. Carefully shaved behind the ears, Rukia put her right hand on Soi Fon's crown and imperiously inclined, beauty's head forward. Then she shaved nape and her neck and wiped her head with a soft towel.
- Excellent! - Rukia shouted contentedly.
Soi Fon stroked her head with both hands back and forth.
- Oh! It is so smooth and gentle! I never thought I'd say this ... but I like it! Adorable! - girl smiled broadly.
- Thank you, Rukia-chan!
Yoruichi got up and went to her sweetheart.
- Honey, you look great!!
She stroked shaving velvet head Soi Fon and passionately kissed her on the lips.

The next morning..
- Ru-chan! Why are you called me?
With a surprised face, Matsumoto entered the barbershop.
- Rangiku-san! I want to offer you something ...
- Yes? So what is this?
- I want you to become barberette and worked in my barbershop! I liked how you sheared Yoruichi-san and Soi Fon-chan. You will have your own workplace and your own clippers! What do you say?
- Ah, yes! Of course I agree! - Matsumoto shone with happiness.
Rukia smiled at her.

Mature Content

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Late in the evening. Inoue opened the door. On the threshold stood a shinigami small stature with black hair.

- Uh Kuchiki-chan something happened? - Inoue asked in surprise, looking at the girl.

- Hi Inoue! Can I come in? - asked shinigami.

- Yes, of course, come in! I have a little mess, do not pay attention ... - a little hesitated said Orihime.

Two girls went into the room and sat down on the sofa.

- Inoue, I was sent here on a mission. Recently, we detected the presence of a huge number of hollows, so I'm here to protect you, while others will fight them. Don't worry! I will not allow you to have harmed! - said Rukia.

Orihime smiled.

- All right! I'll make tea! - girl with red hair went into the kitchen.

At this time, Rukia looked around the room. Nothing special, just an ordinary room. Chairs, desk, wardrobe. On the wall hung pictures. On the other side stood the TV. Although Inoue and said that she had a mess in the apartment was pretty clean, except for some panties and dresses that were lying on the bed.

- And here is the tea! - Orihime said, entering the room with a tray on which stood two pink cups.

Two girls started drinking tea, conversing on various subjects.

- Inoue, I wanted to ask you ...

- What happened, Kuchiki-chan?

- All my life I go only in a kimono and shihakusho, I have never been beautiful dresses, panties and bras. I am not only shinigami, but also girl! I saw you have nice clothes! Do you mind if I will wear it? - a little embarrassed, said Rukia.

- Oh, of course you can! Before you came, I just wanted to change clothes, so put all these things. Let's go! - Inoue said with a smile.

The girls came to the bed and began to undress. Orihime quickly took off her pink top and gray skirt. Then she unbuttoned her white lace bra, exposing her large, firm breasts. Shaking her great ass, she took off her white panties and put them on the bed. Inoue was gorgeous! Looking at her, Rukia blushed. She knew she could only dream of such a figure. Inoue pubic hair were trimmed in the shape of heart. Seeing this, Rukia immediately interested, because her own pubis was never trimmed, and was covered with thick black hair. With a sad sigh, she took off her shihakusho.

- Oh Kuchiki-chan! You have such a beautiful ass! - unable to stand, shouted Inoue.

Rukia blushed like a tomato. Orihime went to the black-haired girl and looked at her with a surprised look.

- Kuchiki-chan! I thought you know what girls should shave the hair on the legs and armpits, as well as optional pussy and pubis!

- Shave? What do you mean shave? - not understanding, asked Rukia.

- Shaving - means to remove hair! We have people in the world do all the girls with the help of special devices and creams. Come, I'll show you! - Inoue said.

Two girls went to the bathroom.

- Rukia-chan, this hair clipper! - Orihime said, showing a large black object with retractable blades.

- To it are attached different nozzle to adjust the length of the hair. If you remove the nozzle and put forward the blade, it will remove the hair from almost root. To trim my pubic hair, I use the average nozzle! - Inoue explained.

After removing the nozzle from the clippers and pulling the blades forward, Orihime pressed the power button. ZZZZZZZMMMMMMMMMMM sound filled the bathroom. Inoue brought the clippers to her pubic hair.

- Hey, wait! Wait a minute! You removed the nozzle! - surprised shouted Rukia.

- I know! - smiled said Orihime, and launched clipper in her pubic hair in the shape of hearts.

Rukia's eyes widened, seeing little red hairs fell on the bathroom floor. Inoue continued to drive the clipper over her pubis so long until all the hairs have not disappeared with her beautiful smooth pussy. Having finished shaving, she turned off the clipper and ran a hand through her now bald pubis.

- Why? Your pubic hair was so beautiful! - angrily said Rukia.

- Don't worry! I'm tired of them, and have long wanted to try to shave them completely! Also, I showed you how to use clippers! - Inoue said with a smile.

Rukia smiled slightly in response.

- So! Clippers can not remove stubble, use a razor and shaving cream!

Red-haired girl turned on the tap and poured a little water in a bowl. Then she took a jar of shaving cream, shook her, and forced a portion of cream in her hand. Orihime then start to apply it in circular motions on her pubis and pussy. Rukia with overwhelming interest watched the scene. Inoue took a razor, dipped it into the water and began to scrape the cream and hair with her beautiful pussy. A few minutes later she finished shaving and began to wipe her now fresh smooth pussy.

- Mmm so smoothly! You want to touch it? - gladly asked Inoue.

Rukia held out her hand to the pubis Orihime and gently stroked it, feeling the bare skin.

- Oh! Uh, how smooth and soft! - she said.

Then Rukia ran her hand over her hairy pubis, and a little frown.

- Inoue, I want to shave, too! - blurted shinigami.

- All right! But first try to remove the hair on the legs and armpits using depilatory cream!

Orihime took a bottle from the shelf and opened it.

- What a bad smell! - Rukia said.

- Yes, it is the only negative! But it removes hair in minutes! - Inoue said, and began to smear cream armpits and legs Rukia.

- Um, Kuchiki-san! Pubis smear all or leave a small section of hair?

- All! I want to remove all the hair there! - Rukia said confidently.

Inoue is completely covered with cream all thick pubic hair and pussy.

- Now we wait for 10 minutes and just wipe with a towel! All the hairs have to remove! After that, they will not grow for a long time! - Orihime explained.

To mind black-haired shinigami had an interesting idea.

- Inoue! Is it possible to apply this cream on the scalp?

Orihime was surprised by this question.

- Rukia-chan! Did you want to get rid of your beautiful black hair?

- Well, uh, oh no! I'm just interested! - hesitate a little Rukia replied.

- Um, if you take for example the hair so long as I have ... No!It will not work ... It's better to shave off the hair clipper. I think short hair can be removed in this way... - Inoue said.

Meanwhile, 10 minutes passed and Rukia felt a slight tingling.

- Looks like it's time!

Orihime took a towel and held by Rukia's legs. Small black hairs left on the towel, and Rukia legs were now smooth and soft.

- Wow! How cool! - she was happy.

Armpit hair as easily gone leaving a smooth skin.

- Now I myself!

Rukia eagerly took a towel, and gently stroked the pubis and pussy. All of thick black hair stayed together with the cream on the towel, and Rukia stroked her now smooth and shiny pussy.

- Oh how I like it! Thank Inoue!

Orihime smiled. She was happy to help a friend. Back in the room, they long trying on clothes, laughing and talking.

At night, Rukia could not sleep, she took her hands over her smooth pussy.

- Uh, Oh, Oh, I .... I can not! Damn it!

With these words, Rukia got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She took off her pajamas and looked into the large mirror. She looked down at her feet, then her pussy and pubis, underarms and at last on her shiny black hair.

- Ah! My whole body smooth, without a single hair! Only the fucking hair on my head ... Now I will fix it!

With these words, Rukia took from the shelf a bottle of depilatory cream, opened it and poured everything without a trace on her head. Then with a smile she began to mix the cream and black hair until every hair was not covered with thick cream.

- After 10 minutes, it's over! - Rukia said happily.

Inoue was awakened by noise in the bathroom. Not seeing Rukia in place she hurried there. Orihime opened the door and saw her friend sitting in front of the mirror in the bathroom. According poignant smell she realized what was happening.

- Oh no! Kuchiki-chan why did you do it? Your black hair so beautiful!

- Late Inoue! 1 minute left, and I'm finally going to completely smooth without all these stupid hair! I myself decided so!

Inoue could only watch as her hand Rukia grabbed a handful of black hair and literally dragged her from the head, exposing the pink skin! She tossed her hair in the sink, and then ran a hand through the middle, removing your beautiful bangs. Rukia continued to remove the beautiful black hair from her head. Locks removed with such ease that it seemed to her as if she removes wig. Gradually, the girl completely remove all the hair from her head.

- Ah! Ah! Finally! How fresh and smooth! This is so exciting! - Rukia moaned, holding both hands over her smooth, bald head.

She got up and started to shake off clinging to her body black hairs. Then, Rukia put all remnants of hair in the sink and went to Orihime. Running a hand through her red hair, Rukia Inoue kissed on the lips. Orihime did not resist, she conversely wanted something more.

- Ah! Kuchiki-chan!

- Hime-chan thank you. I've always disliked this stupid bangs! She has always prevented me to see, and the rest of the hair get dirty all the time! Now everything is smooth and clean! I feel great! - excite said shinigami.

As if intoxicated, Inoue off her white lace bra, then took off her panties and tied her long red hair in a tight bun.

- Rukia-chan, I ... I want you, i want to lick all your dirty ass! - Inoue said, and lay down on the bathroom floor.

- And you're queer Hime-chan! Get!

Rukia sat her beautiful elastic ass on Orihime's face. Inoue lustfully cupped her hands around Rukia thighs, and began to licking girl's anus, running her dirty tongue.

- Mmm ... How delicious! And now I want to try your bald pussy! - Inoue said, and start smacking, licking pussy of her friend.

Rukia clutching with both hands for her smooth, shiny head began to moan loudly and passionately. It seemed nothing could stop them from enjoying each other. Suddenly Inoue felt slight tingling on the right side of the head. Realizing what was happening, Orihime pushed Rukia and ran to the mirror.

- Hey! What are you doing! - cried not understands nothing shinigami.

Inoue's eyes widened when she saw in the mirror that almost all the hair on the right side of her head was covered with hair removal cream!

- Oops! Looks like I spilled some on the floor when removing my hair, - said with an evil grin shinigami.

- No! No! Only do not my beautiful hair!

Orihime quickly untied the bun and start on the right side to wash the hair with water. Inoue realized that probably already too late, as she felt a tingling, but still continued to wash her hair.

- Fuh! It seems everything is in order Kuchiki-san!

Orihime ran a hand through her hair on the right side and did not see any changes.

- All is well! - she smiled.

- Hmm, let me see!

Rukia walked up to the red-haired girl and ran her hand along the right side of her head.

- Oh, Hime-chan looks like you made a mistake when you said that for such long hair like yours this depilatory cream will not work.

In Inoue's eyes were tears when she saw Rukia pulled out her hand with a huge handful of red locks. Hair so easily separated from her head, she had not even felt the.

- Oh no! Why!

Orihime began to cry, stroking the bare skin on the right side of the head.

- It looks like Hime-chan, we have no other choice!

Rukia walked over to a shelf and took the hair clipper. She removed the nozzle, put forward the blade and pushed the power button. ZZZZZZZZZZmmmmmmmmm heard the sound. Inoue had not even move as Rukia sent a clipper in the middle of her head. White stripe ran from the forehead to the nape leaving only a small bristle. Red hair clumps falling on a massive chest and on the floor around Orihime. Rukia coolly continued to shave long beautiful hair, leading a vibrating device over the head of her friend. Floor under Inoue was covered lots of red locks.

- Hey, Hime-chan! You look better with a shaved head, what with long hair! - finished shaving girlfriend cried joyful Rukia.

Orihime ran her hands over her head feeling the stubble.

- Ah! You really think so Kuchiki-chan? - stop crying girl said.

- Yes! Besides, you had forgotten that with your strength, you can return your hair back?

- Exactly! Thanks Rukia-chan!

Orihime was delighted.

- Inoue! How about to go all the way? - smiling, said shinigami.

- Yes! I want to try! - Hime said firmly.

Since cream for depilation ended, Rukia had to use a razor. Inoue sat in front of a mirror and a little blush, began to observe how Rukia smeared her head shaving cream.

- Now sit still! I do not want to hurt you!  

With these words, Rukia start scouring cream and stubble from her friend's head. She is easily shaved all remnants of red hair, leaving a bare and clean skin.

- Inoue you have such a beautiful nape!

Rukia leaned over and kissed the nape Orihime.

- Ah! Ru-chan Thank you! You too, he is very handsome!

The girls smiled at each other.

- That's all!

Finished shaving Rukia started to wipe with a towel, the entire head Orihime.

- Thanks again Kuchiki-chan! So smooth!

Inoue had both hands on her head. Then she looked at the huge pile of red hair that is lifeless lying on the floor.

- Really, it was all on my head? - girl asked with surprise.

- Yes! It is much more than mine! - pointing to lying in the sink a small bunch of black hair, mix with cream for depilation, said Rukia.

- And now it is necessary to do the cleaning! - Uttered together, two bald women.

Waking in the morning, girls long stroked their smooth heads.

- Hey! Ru-chan! I think it's time to bring back our hair! - Inoue said.

- Yes you are right! Take Action, Hime-chan! - Said Rukia.

With her powers, Orihime within minutes they returned their old hairstyles.

- Hurray! My beautiful hair in place!- with a smile, hugging her red hair, shouted Inoue.

- Yeah, mine too... - dissatisfaction with Rukia said, touching her long bangs.

- Hey! Hime-chan! Maybe something like a repeat? It will be our little secret!

- Certainly Kuchiki-chan!

Girls once again smiled at each other.
Rukia's Fetish.
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Leaving the house Orihime, Rukia went back to Soul Society. The last two days she thought about the night spent with Inoue, a shaving hair and a strange feeling lower abdomen. Rukia couldn't understand why it so excites the shaving process. With a smile on her face, she again and again imagine how all of her black hair falling scraps on the floor as she holds her hands over the smooth skin of the head. All it gave her great pleasure, there was a feeling like butterflies in her stomach.

- Damn! I really want to be bald! But... all the others, what will they think about me... Oh, I have to think of something! – throwing back her long bangs, said shinigami.

Rukia got out of bed and went to the bathroom, shaking her elastic ass. Going to the big mirror, she looked at her reflection. From the mirror looked at her, short beautiful girl, dressed in black lace underwear that they, along with Orihime bought in the human world. Also, Inoue gave her the razor and the pink hair clipper. Without thinking, shinigami took the hair clipper in hand, removed the nozzle and turned on her. Zmmmmmm ... The sound filled the room.

- Hmm... And why do girls have to be beautiful hair? – with these words, Rukia pushed her bangs back and put her bare vibrating blade of the instrument to the middle of the forehead.

She already prepared to experience pleasure as she remembered what she said Inoue.

- Hey Ru-chan! I give you these things, but you should not use them until you are completely sure you want to get rid of hair! Promise me!

Returning from memories, Rukia looked back at myself in the mirror. Blades almost touched her hair.

- Ah... Hime-chan, you're right! I don't have to do this... But this feeling is so strong... Oh! No!

The girl took the clippers away from the head, switched it off and put on the shelf. Rukia's cheeks were covered with a pink blush, and her small breasts accumulated sweat. Her panties were wet with excitement, and her body was shaking. Catching his breath, shinigami with black hair dressed and left the bathroom. She took a hair brush and gently corrected her hairstyle. While Rukia was combing her hair, she came up with one great idea.

- And what if I open my barbershop for women! I'll make them hairstyles, hair cut, and then my urge to shave must disappear! Exactly! I'll do! - she was delighted.

The same day, she asked her brother to help her.

- If it will not distract you from your main duties, why not ... Well, I'll highlight your means. And now I'm sorry I have to work - as always Byakuya said coldly.

- Thank you brother! – bowed, thanked him Rukia. She was very happy.

The next few months after the opening of a barbershop, Rukia tried very hard, she learned to do a lot of different hairstyles and gain experience. Her salon has become quite famous in the Soul Society, and even women of noble clans began to visit him. Rukia was pleased with their success, but her lust to the shaving head is not gone.

One evening, in the salon came a beautiful woman with thick long golden-red hair and large breasts. Rukia as usual sweeping the hair from the floor that have accumulated during the day. It was Lieutenant 10 squad Matsumoto Rangiku.

- Hey, Rukia-chan you have to help me! It depends on my beauty and my reputation! - loudly said the woman.

- What happened Rangiku-san? - Rukia said blankly.

- That damn cat Yoruichi! We had an argument with her which of us is the sexiest woman in the Soul Society! We could not come to an agreement and fight. I told her that even without my hair, I'll be sexier than she is! She just laughed at me! Bitch! I'll prove it, I'm right! - Matsumoto screamed even more.

- Rukia-chan you have to shave my head! And I don't care how you do it! Just get rid of these fucking hair! - cried with anger the woman.

Matsumoto then went into the room and sat in a leather barber chair. Shinigami with black hair could not believe her ears. One of the most beautiful women of Soul Society is asking to shave her head bald. Suddenly the girl captured a wild excitement.

- Well Rangiku-san! I will do it! - Rukia said with a smile.

She took a white cape and wrapped it around, sitting in the barber's chair, woman. Matsumoto's hair was very thick and reached lower back. Rukia took a clipper, removed the nozzle and turned on her. The device vibrated in her hands, and she brought it to her forehead beauty with golden-red locks.

- Rangiku-san, are you sure?

- Yes! Take it all! I can not lose this pompous cat!

After waiting for an answer, Rukia finally plunged clipper in thick hair woman.

- Ay! Ouch! It hurts! Kuchiki-chan! I asked to shave my hair, do not tear out!

- Oh! Matsumoto-san, I'm sorry, I did not want to! It looks like your hair is so thick that the clipper can not cope!

- What to do? I can not back down! – woman pouted.

- All right Rangiku-san! I have a special shearing machine! This device removes the hair so that he did not bristle remains. But I never did not use as there was no suitable case - the girl replied.

Rukia put the clipper on the shelf and opened the locker. From there she pulled out a huge black device and turned it on. The motor of the machine roared on all the hair salon.

- Ah! I hope my hair will grow after that? – nervous woman.

- Don't worry! While I don't press a special button, this device is in normal mode shaving! - explained shinigami with black hair.

At this time, Rukia put the machine back at the base of the neck Matsumoto. She decided to check how powerful this device, since most thick hair growing on the back of the head Rangiku. She sent him up the back of the head. Shearing machine roared even more, showing that even he struggled to cope with the thick hair. But as soon as the instrument gained maximum speed, he began to slowly move higher and higher on the back of the head, leaving a wide strip of bare skin. Finally, the blades got to the forehead and piled up a large lump of golden-red locks right in front of the woman's face. Matsumoto did not have time to look at his reflection in the mirror as shearing machine dumped another batch of thick hair in front of her eyes. Rangiku felt a slight excitement. Her face was filled with a blush. Wasting no time, she ran her hands under the cape, gently took off her shihakusho, and began to massage her lush boobs. Meanwhile, Rukia has already removed all the hair in the middle of a woman's head and sent the shearing device to the right side. Cropped thick locks continued to fall on the cape, accumulating in a huge pile. The last of the golden-red hair on the right side were removed and fell with the weight on the floor after, Rukia sent a unit from the temple right behind the ear Matsumoto. Then she placed the device on the left side and just beginning to remove the thick curly locks. For a moment, Rangiku was distracted from her breasts and looked in the mirror. Almost all of her head was already smooth bald. From this, she got turned on even more, her pussy heavily wet.
- Ah! Rukia-chan! Faster! Shave all my hair, don't miss a single hair! - rolling her eyes with pleasure the woman shouted.

- Oh! Rangiku-san... don't say that! - holding back the last effort of her arousal, shouted Rukia.

Then, the last aisle, she took off the rest of the locks from the Matsumoto's head. As soon as the girl with black hair shearing machine turned off, Rangiku immediately slipped off her cape and began to moan loudly, stroking her smooth head. All the hair with a cape formed in huge piles around the barber's chair. Matsumoto teased the girl, legs spread to the sides and fingering her juicy pussy.

- Rangiku-san you still have pubic hair... Need to shave them too, so you are fully smooth and sexy – offered Rukia.

The woman looked at her thick red patch of hair and said with a smile:

- No Kuchiki-chan! Let him somewhere I will stay hair ...

Rukia could no longer hold back. Leaning forward, she began eagerly lick pussy former owner thick golden-red hair. Rangiku grabbed the girl's hair, guiding her head.

- Ah... Rukia-chan! Be a good girl! Drink it all! Oh... I'm cumming... Cumming!

Pushing even more the black-haired girl's head to her pussy, Matsumoto cum, splashing juices all over Rukia's face. After that, the two women kissed passionately.

- So! So! What we have here! Wow, there are two minx! - suddenly, there was a sexy voice.

Breaking the kiss, the two girls looked at the entrance. On the threshold stood a dark-skinned woman with long purple hair tied into a high ponytail.

- Hmm ... Do you mind if I join you? - picked up the long golden-red lock, said Yoruichi.




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