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Late in the evening. Inoue opened the door. On the threshold stood a shinigami small stature with black hair. "Uh Kuchiki-san something happened?" Inoue asked in surprise, looking at the girl. "Hi Inoue! Can I come in?" asked shinigami. "Oh yes of course come in! I have a little mess, do not pay attention." slightly hesitated said Orihime. The girls went into the room and sat down on the sofa. "Inoue, I was sent here on a mission. Recently, we detected the presence of a huge number of hollows, so I'm here to see prices to protect you while others will fight them. Do not worry! I will not give you an insult!" Rukia said. Orihime smiled. "Well, I make tea!" girl with red hair walked into the kitchen. At this time, Rukia looked around the room. Nothing special ordinary room chairs, desk, wardrobe. On the wall hung pictures. On the other side stood the TV. Although Inoue and said that she had a mess in the apartment was pretty clean, except for a few shorts and T-shirts that were lying on the bed. "And here is the tea!" Orihime said, entering the room. The girls started drinking tea talking on different topics. "Inoue, I wanted to ask you." "And what Kuchiki-san?" "I have my whole life just go in a kimono and shihakusho, I never had beautiful dresses, shorts or T-shirts. I ... do not just shinigami, but also a girl! I saw you beautiful clothes, you can try on me? "Rukia said, a little embarrassed. "Oh, of course you can! Before you came, I just wanted to change therefore, and put all these things. Let's go!" Inoue said with a smile. The girls went to the bed and began to take off her clothes. Orihime quickly took off her pink shirt and gray skirt. Then she unbuttoned her white lace bra, exposing her large, firm breasts. Slightly shaking her big ass, she took off her white panties and put them on the bed. Inoue was gorgeous! Look at her, Rukia blushed slightly. She knew that she could only dream of such a figure. Inoue pubic hair were trimmed in the shape of heart. Seeing this, Rukia immediately interested because of her own crotch never been trimmed and was covered in thick black hair. She jumped out of his shihakusho. "Oh Kuchiki-san you have such a beautiful ass!" unable to withstand shouted Inoue. Rukia blushed like a tomato. Orihime walked to the black-haired girl with a surprised look, looked at her body. "Kuchiki-san, I think you know that girls have to shave the hair on the legs and armpits, as well as optional pussy and pubis!" "Shave? What is a shave?" Rukia asked, not understanding. "Shaving - means to remove hair! We have the world's people do it all the girls with the help of special devices and creams. Come, I'll show you!" Inoue said. The girls went to the bathroom. "That Kuchiki-san is a hair clipper!" Orihime said, showing a large black device with retractable blades. "To it are attached to different nozzles to adjust the length of the hair. If you remove the nozzle and push the blade it will remove the hair at the root of almost. For the decoration of their pubic hair, I use the average nozzle! "Inoue explained. Removing the nozzle with clippers and blades pulling Orihime pressed the switch. ZZZZZZZMMMMMMMMMMM sound filled the bathroom. Inoue brought the clippers to his pubic hair. "Hey, wait! Wait! You removed the tip!" Rukia yelled. "I know!" said Orihime smiled and started clipper in her pubic hair in the shape of a heart. Rukia's eyes widened seeing little red hair fell to the floor of the bathroom. Inoue drove clipper on her pubis up until all the hairs have not disappeared with her beautiful smooth pussy. After graduating, she turned off the clippers and ran a hand through her now shaven pubis. "Why? Do you have such beautiful pubic hair!" Rukia said with annoyance. "Do not worry! They are bothering me and I have long wanted to try to shave them completely! And the more I showed you how to use the clippers!" Inoue said with a smile. Rukia smiled slightly in response. "So! As clipper can not completely remove the hair, use a razor and shaving cream! Redheaded girl opened the tap and poured a little water bowl. Then she took a jar of shaving cream, shook her, and forced a portion of cream in her hand. Orihime then start to apply it in circular motions on her pubis and pussy. Rukia with insurmountable interest watch. Inoue took a razor blade wet it, and began to scrape the cream and bristles with her beautiful pussy. A few minutes later she finished shaving and began to wipe her now fresh smooth pussy. "Mmm so smoothly! You want to touch it?" gladly asked Inoue. Rukia held out her hand to the pubis Orihime and gently stroked it, feeling the bare skin. "Oh! Uh, how smooth and soft!" she said. Then, Rukia ran her hand over his hairy pubis and frowned slightly. "Inoue, I want to shave, too!" blurted shinigami. "Good! But first, try to remove hair on legs and underarms using depilatory cream!" Orihime pulled from the shelf and opened it to the bank. "What a bad smell!" Rukia said. "Yes, it is the only negative! But it removes hair in minutes!" Inoue said, and began to smear cream armpits and legs Rukia. "Um Kuchiki-san! pubis smear all or leave a small section of hair?" "All I want to remove all the hair there!" Rukia said confidently. Inoue completely covered with cream all Rukia thick hairs, pubic and pussy. "Now we wait for 10 minutes and just wipe with a towel! All the hairs have to remove the roots! After that, they will not grow for a long time!" Orihime explained. His head flashed Rukia interesting thought. "Inoue is it possible to apply this cream on the scalp?" Orihime was surprised by this question. "Rukia-san, what do you want to get rid of her beautiful black hair?" "Well, uh, oh no! I'm just interested!" hesitated a little Rukia replied. "Hmm, if you take for example the hair the same length as I have, you probably will not work, best to shave the hair clipper. I think short hair, you can delete such a way." Inoue said. Meanwhile, 10 minutes passed and Rukia felt a slight tingling. "Looks like it's time!" Orihime took a towel and held him by the feet of Rukia. Small black hairs left on the towel, and Rukia legs were now smooth and soft. "Wow! How cool!" she cried. Armpit hair as easily gone leaving a smooth skin. "Now I myself!" Rukia eagerly took a towel, and gently stroked the pubis and pussy. All of thick black hair stayed together with the cream on the towel, and Rukia stroked her now smooth and shiny pussy. "Oh how I like it! Thank Inoue!" Orihime smiled. She was happy to help a friend. Back in the room, they long trying on clothes, laughing and talking. Rukia night could not sleep she took her hands over her smooth pussy. "Uh, Oh, Oh, I .... I can not! Damn it!" With these words, Rukia got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She took off her pajamas and looked into the large mirror. She looked down at his feet, then pussy and then pubis, on the armpits and finally on her shiny black hair. "I know that there is unnecessary!" With these words, Rukia took down the bank of the depilatory cream, opened it and poured everything in her head. Then with a smile she began to mix the cream and black hair until every hair was not covered with thick cream. "After 10 minutes, it's over!" Rukia said happily. Inoue was awakened by noise in the bathroom. Not seeing Rukia in place she hurried there. Orihime opened the door and saw her friend sitting in front of the mirror in the bathroom. According poignant smell she realized what was happening. "Oh no! Kuchiki-san why did you do it? Your black hair so beautiful!" "Late Inoue! 1 minute left, and I'm finally going to completely smooth without all these stupid hair! I myself decided so!" Inoue could only watch as his hand Rukia grabbed a handful of black hair and literally dragged her from the head, exposing the pink skin! She tossed her hair in the sink, and then ran a hand through the middle, removing your beautiful bangs. Rukia all smeared in her hair and gradually remove them completely from the head. "Ah! Ah! Finally! How fresh and smooth! This is so exciting!" Rukia yelled holding both hands over her smooth, bald head. She got up and started to shake off clinging to her body black hairs. Then, Rukia put all remnants of hair in the sink and went to Orihime. Running a hand through her ??red hair, Rukia Inoue kissed on the lips. Orihime did not resist, she conversely wanted something more. "Ah! Kuchiki-san!" "Hime-chan thank you. I've always disliked this stupid bangs! She climbed into my eyes, and the rest of the hair all the time get dirty! Now everything is smooth and clean! I feel great!" excite said shinigami. As if intoxicated, Inoue off her white lace bra, then took off her panties and tied her long red hair in a tight bun. "Rukia-chan, I ... I want you, I want to lick all your dirty ass!" Inoue said, and lay down on the bathroom floor. "And you're queer Hime-chan! Get!" Rukia sat his beautiful elastic ass right on the face Orihime. Inoue lustfully cupped her hands around Rukia thighs and began to lick the anus girl, running his dirty tongue. "Uh how delicious! And now I want to try your bald pussy! Inoue said and began to lick the pussy smacking his girlfriend. Rukia clutching with both hands for their smooth, shiny head began to moan loudly and passionately. It seemed nothing could stop them from enjoying each other. Suddenly Inoue felt slight tingling on the right side of the head. Realizing what was happening, Orihime alienated Rukia and ran to the mirror. "Hey! What are you doing!" cried understands nothing shinigami. His eyes widened when Inoue in the mirror, she saw that almost all the hair on the right side of her head was covered with hair removal cream! "Oops! Looks like I spilled some on the floor when removing my hair," said with an evil grin Kuchiki. "No! No! Not my beautiful hair!" Orihime quickly untied the bun and start on the right side to wash the hair with water. Inoue realized that probably already too late, as she felt a tingling, but still continued to wash her hair. "Fuh! It seems everything is in order Kuchiki-san!" Orihime ran a hand through his hair on the right side and did not see any changes. "All is well!" She smiled. "Hmm, let me see!" Rukia walked up to the red-haired girl and ran her hand along the right side of her head. Oh, Hime-chan looks like you made a mistake when she said that for such long hair like yours this depilatory cream will not work." In the eyes of Inoue appeared tears when she saw how Rukia pulled out her hand with a huge shock of red curls. Hair so easily separated from her head, she had not even felt the. "Oh no! Why!" Orihime began to cry, stroking the bare skin on the right side of the head. "It looks like Hime-chan, we have no other choice!" Rukia walked over to a shelf and took the hair clipper. She removed the nozzle, put forward the blade and turned it. ZZZZZZZZZZmmmmmmmmm heard the sound. Inoue did not even have time to move, as Rukia sent clipper down the middle of her head. White stripe ran from the forehead to the nape leaving only a small bristle. Red hair clumps falling on a massive chest and on the floor around Orihime. Rukia calmly continued to shave long beautiful hair, leading a vibrating object over the head of her friend. Floor under Inoue was covered lots of red curls. "Hey Hime-chan, you're so much better than with long hair!" finished shaving girlfriend cried joyful Rukia. Orihime ran her hands over her head feeling the stubble. "Ah! You really think so Kuchiki-san !?" stop crying girl said. "Aha! The more you forget that that by using his powers can return everything back?" "Exactly! Thanks Rukia-chan!" Orihime was delighted. "Well how about Inoue to go all the way?" Shinigami said smiling. "Yes! I want to try!" Hime said firmly. Since cream for depilation ended, Rukia had to use a razor. Inoue village near the mirror and blushed a little, began to observe how Rukia rubs her whole head shaving cream. "Now sit still! I do not want to hurt you!" With these words, Rukia began scouring cream with bristle head with her friends. It is easy to shave all traces of red hairs leaving bare and clean skin. "Inoue you have such a beautiful nape!" Rukia leaned over and kissed the nape Orihime. "Ah! Ru-chan Thank you! You too, he is very handsome!" The girls smiled at each other. "That's all!" finished shaving Rukia started to wipe with a towel, the entire head Orihime. "Thanks again Kuchiki-san! So smooth!" Inoue had both hands on her head. Then she looked at the huge pile of red hair that is lifeless lying on the floor. "Surely it was all in my head?" with surprise the girl said. "Yes! It is much more than mine!" pointing to lying in the sink a small bunch of black hair, mix with cream for depilation, said Rukia. "And now we need to clean up!" uttered with the girls. Waking up in the morning, the girls long stroked his smooth head. "Hey, Ru-chan, I think it's time we get our hair!" Inoue said. "Yes, you're right! Act Hime-chan!" Rukia said. With its strength, Orihime in minutes they returned their old hairstyles. "Hooray! My beautiful hair on the spot!" with a smile, hugged her red hair, shouted Inoue. "Yeah, mine too." dissatisfaction with Rukia said, touching her long bangs. "Hey Hime-chan how can anything happen again? It'll be our little secret!" "Certainly Kuchiki-san!" Girls once again smiled at each other.




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